International Animated Film Festival KROK 2019, Animation Marathon
2019, Kichijoji Animation Festival 2019


One day, a hungry dinosaur came across a weird jumping egg in the forest. He swallowed it, and then felt some strange rumblings in his tummy. Well, well, well… This stop-motion animation is essentially a funny short story for kids, but its fanciful visual images may also attract adults. The unique imagery of the dinosaur’s internal organs and nature have been created with a multi-plane camera, by combining fluffy flat puppets (a boy, a dinosaur, and other creatures) with carefully composed pastel drawings.Director Biography – Minato Matsuda, Haruna Ueno, Tomoko Taiga

Team Am Am Gokkun” is based in Tokyo, and it consists of three female directors: Minato Matsuda, Haruna Ueno and Tomoko Taiga. This is their first collaborative work.
Minato Matsuda is a young animator, who studied graphic design including animation at Tama Art University. She designed characters and occupied leadership roles in animating, shooting, and editing. Haruna Ueno studied oil painting at Tama Art University. She drew the pastel background and foreground scenes and was in charge of image boarding, layout, and sound effects. Tomoko Taiga studied media design at Ohio State University and received a PhD in Fine Art from Tsukuba University. She drew the storyboard and made/animated props including liquid objects. She is also responsible for international correspondence concerning this work.
The trio’s first work, “Om Nom Nom,” was screened at the Yujiku-asagaya theater (Tokyo, 2019) , ASK? Art Space Kimura (Jury prize, ASK? Movie Competition 2019, Tokyo) and DigiCon6 Japan 2019 (Japan Dizzy Award, Tokyo/Japan). The work was also part of the official selection of the International Animated Film Festival KROK (Russia, 2019) , the CRAFT International Animation Festival (Indonesia, 2019) and other film festivals.

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