Key cast: Damien Bonnard, Julien Béramis

A young guadeloupean named Isaac has troubles to mourn over the death of his brother Legba. During an apnea fishing, the vision of a diver brings him to the bounds of the unconscious, a first exploration of a new horizon. Vìré is the initiatory journey of a man renewing with his origins.





Hugo Rousselin is a poet and a filmmaker. He publishes his first volume of poetry B. met des bombes in 2013. The year after, his first short film project is one of the fifteen laureate of the G.R.E.C which allows him to shoot Pays rêvé pays réel. He tackles in this film the thematic of slavery through dreams and directs Julien Béramis and Damien Bonnard. The two actors will then follow him in Guadeloupe to shoot his second short film, Vìré. This short, produced by ARTISANS DU FILM and distributed by LES VALSEURS, is supported by the project Talent en court of the Comedy Club.

At the same time as his personal project, Hugo Rousselin is an assistant director on short and feature films. He also keeps up his literary activities by collaborating with the writer and dramatist Julien Gaillard as well as the Institut du Tout-Monde.



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