Two insignificant lives lost and found in time.




Born in November 1973, Suresh Eriyat is a 1997 graduate from the National Institute of Design. Suresh set up Famous House of Animation in 1999. He created numerous animated ads, shorts, music videos with many firsts that brought not only national and international recognitions but also changed the way people perceived animation in India. In 2009 he founded Studio Eeksaurus that won the first ever Annecy Cristal for the country in 2015 and the President’s national award in 2016 for best-animated film.

Specialising in Animation Film Design, Suresh came to Mumbai looking for opportunities in making animation films. Prospects of creating animated stories in India back in 1998 was very nascent as animation was more known for the back end services that Indian companies offered foreign studios.

Slowly the dream of creating original animation films was getting closer for him. as his partner and there he continues to elevate the recognition of quality Indian animation content across the world. Eeksaurus also is a very well known advertising film production company that is one among the top ones of our country.

Having sat in several prestigious jury panels of the likes of Clio, Apollo, LIA, Promax etc for many years and educating students and aspiring filmmakers across India, he has won more than 100 national and international awards, with a portfolio of more than 350 films. He is also a trained Carnatic musician, an artist par excellence with a deep interest in philosophy, anthropology and culture.



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