Netherlands Film Festival, VIS Vienna Shorts, Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival, Sehsuchte International Student Film Festival



To the 23 year old kickboxer Kim everything revolves around a strong exterior. She spends her days at a boxing gym with her trainer Tarik. And then she meets the attractive security guard Mo. A guy who notices her as a lady and confronts her with her inability to be vulnerable.





Before Laras started his course at the Netherlands Film Academy, he worked for various clients as a writer, photographer and filmmaker. Laras lived in Argentina for a year in 2012, studying at the Film Academy in Buenos Aires. During that time, he also worked as a photographer for the Buenos Aires Pub Crawl. In 2013 he returned to Amsterdam and worked as a camera assistant for DOP Guido van Gennep for a couple of months. Shortly after that, he went to the USA for three months before he started his course at the Netherlands Film Academy.
Laras worked as programmer for Film Theater De Uitkijk in Amsterdam for four years during his course at the Netherlands Film Academy. All together Laras made little more than fifty short films between 2007 and 2017. In the winter of 2017 he is working on a short fiction film taking place in the USA.




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