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A quirky and surrealistic action/comedy where a brave heart takes a journey inside the body to try to sort out the problems of a hungover morning.





Sinem Vardarli, Italian/Turkish director and animator born in Istanbul and based in London. She studied animation filmmaking and graduated in Media Design from the New Academy of Fine Arts in Milan in 2003. Her first animated short film Fingers Tale (2014) have screened internationally at several major festivals. In 2016, she co-directed a commissioned animated documentary short ‘A pistol against my head’. She contributed to the animated Tv series Floogals in 2017 as Animation Director for NBC/Universal. In 2018 she co-directed independent short film The Brave Heart with Luca Schenato.
She is the co-founder of Luca&Sinem director collective where she creates animated commercials, short films and original content.

Luca Schenato is born in North Italy. After studying advertising and graphic design at the New Academy of Fine Arts in Milan in 2000, he started to work as art director/director in various animation studios, while teaching animation filmmaking at the NABA Academy in Milan. In 2010 he cofounded his own animation studio with Sinem Vardarli, together they co-directed and produced numerous Tv commercials and shorts. He wrote and directed short films including The Waste Land (2010), Fingers Tale (2013), co-directed a commissioned docu-short film A pistol against my Head and his latest short film The Brave Heart (2018).
He lives in London (UK), where he works as Director/Art director from his own studio Luca&Sinem and currently develops a Tv series and a feature film.



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