Key Cast: Tertu Fernandu Rainer Friederich Willem-Jan Trommelen

Adapt or die? Following a young woman female tribe member of the only few remaining indigenous bushmen of Namibia, we get a uniquely personal and dramatic insight on her people’s story and their threatening situation of total extinction.



Currently residing in Berlin/Germany, I work in the field of quality narrative productions and storytelling for film as a director. Originally from the lower part of Austria, I finished my film studies in Salzburg and started out with first jobs in Los Angeles, working as an assistant director for numerous commercials & promo productions of America’s major TV networks (ABC, NBC & CBS). I always was certain about becoming a director and screenwriter, I enrolled at UCLA’s Professional Program in Screenwriting and continously practice and write to this date. Coming back from the US, I was offered a great opportunity to work in the visual effects department of Roland Emmerich’s “Anonymous” at the Filmstudio Babelsberg in Berlin. I was responsible for more than 30 Artists & over 300 VFX shots in that film. What a learning curve for a director who loves practical & visual effects! Since 2013 I am active as a freelance director and never stopped pushing & polishing my talent.



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