Key cast: Ubay Martin, Els Dejonghe

Caroline is attracted to the mysterious Marco. After a date they go to his house and start a sex game that looks harmless at first sight. Soon, however, Marco shows a dark side and a strange obsession from his past.


Charlotte Zweers (born 23 November 1990) is a Belgian (screen)writer and film director. After her Master in French and Spanish Linguistics and Literature at Ghent University, she went to London to study film at Met Film School, where she made a short film called ‘Defective’. She is currently a film direction student at Royal Institute of Theatre, Cinema and Sound in Brussels. In 2015 she wrote and directed her second short film called ‘Photopia’ (an absurd comedy which premiered at the 2016 Cutting Edge International Film Festival) and in 2016 she finished her bachelor degree with her latest short film ‘Pero No De Agua’ (‘But Not Of Water’). The film premiered at the 2016 International Short Film Festival Leuven. Film festivals, such as Short to the Point in Bucharest and Kinofilm Manchester International Short Film & Animation Festival, are following. Meanwhile she has also finished a Bachelor in Screenwriting. She is currently working on her Master graduation narrative short film.



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