Key cast: Tobias Larsson, Hannah Holman


There is a lot of talk about fashion, but no one ever stopped to listen to it. In an unexpected way the film “I Am Not A T-Shirt” a Fashion Film About Fashion And Film, personifies fashion and puts it right into the life of the young filmmaker Josephina, who has the chance to question Fashion in person, confronting it about issues involving art, fashion film and even its relevance to society. In this interesting dialogue, Fashion has the opportunity to argue and present opinions about itself, revisiting and questioning adjectives such as futility and vanity, so commonly related to it. But is fashion really what it claims to be, or is fashion just hiding its futility behind its glamour?



Over ten years of experience in the fashion business has resulted in an acute, subtle aesthetic eye. While working in front of the lens, they had the opportunity of working with great photographers and art directors all over the world, absorbing not only the culture of these countries, but the keen eye of these professionals and experiencing wide knowledge of set work. Parallel to the profession they took a number of courses in the field of arts and audiovisuals before cautiously sit behind the camera. They turned Paris into their base for almost 6 years where they began to elaborate their first art projects and short films. Back in Brazil, after receiving awards for short-films ( Sunday and Cliche), they quickly conquered their own space in the competitive advertising market as well, working with clients such as Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, L’oréal, C&a, Pantene, Neotrogena, Honda, Natura. Every year they elaborate and finance personal projects, such as short films, documentaries and art videos.



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