Director: Tami Liberman; Writer: Tami Liberman, Mr. X; Producer: Markus Kaatsch, Visual and media Anthropology. Freie Universität Berlin; Key Cast: Mr. X, Mr.X’s landlady, Christian Bodler




This film tells the story of Mr. X, but his identity, and his face, are never revealed in it. Mr. X is a West-African asylum seeker living in Berlin without a work permit. As his exposure might put him in danger, he is the one holding the camera instead of appearing in front of it. Mr. X shoots the landscapes and people of Berlin to tell stories about the refugee camp in Italy, about his grandmother in West Africa, about his acquaintance with African drug dealers from Görlitzer Park, and about the relationship between him, his legal status and his camera.





Tami, born in 1983 in Tel Aviv, Israel, is a filmmaker, film editor and visual anthropologist. Having completed her BFA in film from the Tel Aviv University (with honours) Tami began working as a video editor in the Israeli film and television industry in 2007. She was awarded a scholarship in the field of editing by the America-Israel Cultural Foundation.  Editing the award-winning German feature film Unteachable led her to move to Berlin in 2010. In 2013 Tami completed her Ma studies in Visual and Media Anthropology at the Freie Universität Berlin (final grade: A, excellent). Her first film, Home in Mind, was accepted into film festivals such as Huesca International Film Festival, Spain 2014.




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