Director: Musashi  Alexander; Writer:  Musashi  Alexander;  Producer:  Arezu “ Nicky”  Akmal; Key Cast: Jonno Roberts, David Lee McInnis, Devin Brooke




In a world morally bankrupt by social media, Jackie Boy doesn’t belong. He lurks in the shadows seeking vengeance on the selfie generation. When the current superstar of social media goes after Angie–Jackie’s love interest–the ultimate confrontation ensues. Then we learn the truth about our hero..




This is Musashi Alexander’s debut as a filmmaker.

Director Statement: Growing up in two different countries (Japan and US), in two different cultures, the languages, and also being biracial, the difficulties I had seeking identity forced me to see beyond borders, realizing I was a citizen to the world. As a filmmaker, I want my films to be citizens to the world as well.



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