Key cast: Jack O’Connell, Holliday Grainger

A family, led by their father, heads out on what appears to be a holiday. However, it becomes clear that they are in fact, leaving the safety of a leafy suburb to cross Europe and making their way into a war zone. As they travel the father’s reassurances ring hollow, as under great stress the father buckles and the mother’s strength takes over.

Intimate and touching the film reaches for a truth through its absurd premise of reversing the refugee journey. HOME depicts the breakdown and rebuilding of trust and love amid the horrors of war and migration. We witness the realities and trauma of being refugees as within the family, roles of leadership and bravery are passed from one parent to another.

HOME is a sensitive, layered and complex exploration of how fear can bring out the best and worst in all of us.



Daniel Mulloy films are known for nuanced and sensitive exploration of characters often concentrate on story worlds with strong social themes. Mulloy is a BAFTA and BIFA winning filmmaker and has been nominated for an Indie Spirit and European Academy Award. Three of his films have premiered at Sundance and he is two time winner of the Edinburgh international Film Festival. His films have received near one hundred international awards.



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