Director: Zara Bundett;  Writer:  Zara Bundett; Producer: Zara Bundett;  Key Cast:  Eve Pearce, Anthony Warren, Ian Bonar




A prolific sculptor must face the challenge of letting go when she loses mobility in her hands.




Zara was born and raised in London, UK. She lived and studied in New York City for many years, where she worked extensively for Darren Aronofsky, first as a PA on Black Swan, an assistant to producer Scott Franklin on Noah, and as office manager and develop executive at his production company, Protozoa Pictures. Last year, she returned to Europe to First AD Jonas Carpignano’s critically acclaimed first feature, Mediterranea, before directing her own short film, Hands. She is currently working on the Wes Anderson stop motion film in London, as an assistant to the producer, Jeremy Dawson. In her free time, Zara writes and directs her own material and will be shooting her next short this fall. She is interested in deep explorations of the human heart and mind, and strives to tell stories which expose the kinds of human truths that people tend to shy away from. Zara has been trained by some of the most cutting edge, innovative living auteurs in Independent Cinema today, and is determined that her own work meets the high standard to which she has been so closely exposed.



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