Director: Jérôme Furrer; Writer: Jérôme Furrer; Producer: ZHdK (Zürcher Hochschule der Künste); Key Cast: Ramin Yazdani, Alireza Bayram



Nadir – father of an immigrant family – works night shifts as a cleaner in a Zurich office building. Despite having to work very hard he’s trying to integrate himself in Switzerland and enable his son Babak a better future. One night after work he notices that the son’s room is empty. In the trash he discovers a thrown away letter from university, in the drawers he finds a torn up picture of his girlfriend and a Koran. When Babak finally arrives home the father confronts him with his findings and realizes that his son has had a change of heart he never thought was possible.




Jérôme Furrer

Cover Letter: Half of the world is a story about father & son, migration and 2nd generation, hopes, struggles and divergent thinking. It won already many prices, and features a now famous actor – Alireza Bayram, known from the US series Homeland (Berlin).



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