Key cast: Alexis Clayton, Lainee Rhodes, Kyle Horne


The day of her 8th birthday, Rebecca, is sleeping during a class in which her teacher is giving a lecture on how to become a Good Wife. Rebecca finds herself dreaming about her adulthood, being married and distorting every ridiculous rule she is being taught to respect.

Ignacio Sepúlveda (Madrid, Spain, 03/16/1990) From his 16 up to his 19 years old he studied in the Film Academy for children and youth, Orson the Kid. At the age of 17, he directs his first short film “Mud on the eyelashes” exhibited in the Young Film Festival of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), the Film Festival “B” (Chile) and the Film Festival of Malaga (Spain), among many others. When he was 19 years old, he directed his first feature film, “This is me” (released in the United Nations in Geneva and screened in several Spanish and international film festivals). He studied Audiovisual Communication, Advertising and a Master’s Degree in directing at Nebrija University (Madrid). Moreover, he studied drama in Juan Carlos Corazza Actors Studio. At present, he studies a Master’s Degree in Directing and Writing at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. Up to now he has written and directed 8 short films of which “Ironies of life…” and “Cookies” stands out, having won 14 awards and more than 100 Film Festival Selections.



Director Statement

“Guide for the Good Wife” is a fashion film with a social commentary empowering women to fight for equality.

This bittersweet piece points out the absurdity of an apparent old fashion educational system that keeps affecting women nowadays through new mediums.





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