Key cast: Glenn Pakulak, James G. Broxton Jr., Connor Tuohy

A portrait of Detroit and the passion its people share. The same passion fueled by love and joy can be flipped to motivate crime and destruction.



Director Statement

This project started as an allusion to the artist’s failed relationship (which the song is about). The highs of love, the pains of breaking up, the anger from betrayal and desire for revenge.

We knew we wanted to focus on our hometown of Detroit and I began to try and understand why Detroit has had the highest murder rate for so long. In conjunction I knew how much love, passion, and will to survive Detroiters have amongst the chaos. So I began to research cases of murder that were motivated by love. I wanted to give a voice to the people of the Detroit crime statistics through atmosphere and story fragments. Finally, I wanted to establish a strong bond between the people and the city, since they have such great influence on each other



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