No polished shoes, no school! Samuel, 10y.o., is about to discover Kin the Beautiful’s way of muddling up and muddling through…





Production Manager for 15 years, Sébastien Maitre worked on numerous feature-films and lived for several years in Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). He participated to shootings such as Kim Nguyen’s « War Witch » , awarded with the Silver Bear for best actress, and representing Canada to the Oscars. Sébastien also took part in the shootings of Marc-Henri Wajnberg’s « Kinshasa Kids » and Djo Munga’s « Viva Riva », both internationally remarked.
Through set scouting and other adventures, the idea came up to write « Wake Up, Kinshasa! », a social fable conceived as an anthem to the Congolese’ creativity. He then turned to directing in 2014, after attending a formation called « Write a Documentary Film » which brings him to direct « Sheeted Love », his first documentary portrait. In 2015 he works on the direction of actors and directs, in DRC, a short film called « Wake Up Kinshasa! », as well as « Kinshasa’s Small Jobs », a series of documentary spots reflecting life in Kinshasa.




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