The methodical day-to-day activity of a young autistic boy changes drastically when he sees a girl passing by riding a bike.




Vinicius Saramago is a young Brazilian debut filmmaker.

He is a graduated director at Escola de Cinema Darcy Ribeiro where had classes with the well-known and recognized filmmaker, Ruy Guerra.

During his years of study, he directed many experimental shorts and worked as assistant Director in some short films and also in a TV Series.

Vinicius is also graduated as an Actor at Casa de Artes Laranjeiras (CAL) in order to be more familiarized with the actor’s mindset. Screenplay writing is another area of expertise as he studied this matter at PUC and concluded his current formation with an Editing course at Academia Internacional de Cinema e TV (AICTV).

After finishing his formation at Darcy Ribeiro, he co-founded Revoar Filmes with four associates. The short film written and directed by him “Depois Que Te Vi”(Delivery Boy) is the first film produced by the company.



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