Key cast: Aaron MacGregor, Stephen Corrall

In the center of this comedy is timid six-year-old Tommy, whose parents make the terrible mistake of letting insensitive great-uncle Will babysit the child. That same night, sleepless Tommy loses his first tooth, and with no one there to answer his questions, the boy’s vivid imagination runs wild…




Director Statement

After another nightmare in which my teeth fell out, I wondered how 6-year-olds around the world cope with losing 20 teeth. The ideas for Dentures of Death came from there.

I wondered: What happens if I pair someone who is about to lose his first tooth with someone who has lost all of his? what if one is at the end of his life but acts like a child, and the other a child who thinks he is dying?

We avoid telling children about death by carefully weaving a web of fairy tales and lies. So, what happens if suddenly that sheltering bubble of white lies bursts? Upon first learning about death and decay, what strange conclusions might a child’s mind draw?


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