A romantic relationship blossoms between a man and a woman when they first meet in a delicatessen. Their desires get projected onto the food, turning them alive, into uncanny mutated composite of limbs and organs.

A supermarket love story that plays with food as a metaphor of sensual desires



Director Statement

Transplanted to Chicago from mainland China, Fenglin Chen is a School of the Art Institute of Chicago graduate, who spends most of her time drawing creatures frame by frame. She firstly transferred from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in China to School of the Art Institute of Chicago as a painter and photographer, but after three and a half years of learning and experimenting her major focuses right now are 2D experimental animation and comics.

In her work she is interested in showing the love and the despair/the reality and the imaginary of ordinary people’s psychological lives; these are the paradoxes she likes portraying. So far her works are considered a mixture of social realism, theatrical fiction, and aesthetic surrealism.

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