Director: Pascal Glatz;  Writer: André Kϋttel, Pascal Glatz; Producer: Michael Steiger, Corinne Steiner; Key Cast: Thomas U. Hostettler, Mathis Kϋnzler, Fabian Guggisberg




At a remote mountain lake a bound man with cement shoes is being dragged to the water. His request for a coup de graces escalates into an absurd clash.




Pascal Glatz is a writer/director and part-time musician, born 1986 in Switzerland. After attending ETH Zurich and graduating with a B.Sc. in Architecture, he worked as a 3D-Artist and founded his own music studio. Seeing film as the combination of story telling, architecture and sound, he decided to pursue his passion for filmmaking and started working as an assistant director and production assistant on numerous projects, such as „Night Train to Lisbon“ by Bille August and „Youth“ by Paolo Sorrentino. His debut short film „Coup de Grâce“ was shown at various film festivals. Pascal currently works and lives in Zurich an Berlin.



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