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In occupied Italy during the 1940s, Antonia, her mother and a dozen peasant women live on a farm. There are no animals as they have all been seized by the Germans. One day, Antonia wanders to the river that divides the countryside from the city and finds a horse that has escaped from the war. Deciding to keep it, she puts everyone’s life in peril.

Luca Zambolin (born 23 May 1988) is an Italian director. After obtaining his degree in languages, he began his career in the film industry, working with various cultural associations.
In September 2010, he co-directed the short film Neve with Diego Scano, which won the “Veneto Movie Movement” award at the Euganea Film Festival.
In 2011, he became assistant director for the short film, L’intruso by Filippo Meneghetti, produced by Bonsai Film. The same year he worked as assistant on the short film, “Undici” by Filippo Meneghetti and Piero Tommaselli, produced by Hanash Film.
In 2012, he collaborated on the pre-production and casting of Alessandro Rossetto’s feature film, Piccola Patria, and on Andrea Segre’s film, La prima neve.
In the summer of 2012, he co-directed the short film Anna with Diego Scano and starring Lucia Mascino. The film was produced by Francesco Bonsembiante for Jolefilm in co-production with Officina Immagini. Daria D’Antonio was director of photography. Anna won the award for best international short film at the Fiaticorti Film Festival and was a candidate in various, important Italian film festivals.
In the summer of 2013, he worked as production assistant on the film La sedia della felicità by Carlo Mazzacurati and filmed the backstage footage for the movie.
In 2014, he wrote the documentary project Talian, which was selected for the “FilmCup Brazi & Italy”, which is a film market focused on co-productions between Italy and Brazil.
He has made short documentaries on commission for Legambiente, Special Olympics Italia and Lincage productions. Collaborations include artists such as David Rickard, Giovanni Giaretta, Elio Armano and Marcela Cernadas in video installation projects, and he has produced music videos for Rocket Recordings in London.
In 2017, he edited the documentary film Diario di lavorazione, backstage of the movie La pelle dell’orso by Marco Segato (38’), which was extra content for the home video of the film released by CG Entertainment.
During the same year, he made the documentary film, A ventiquattro mani (79’), produced by Jolefilm in collaboration with Fondazione Antonveneta and Cooperativa Sociale Nuova Idea.
In 2018, he managed the photography of the documentary film Toxicondom by Sara Pigozzo and Enrico Meneghelli, produced by Zalab.
Again in 2018, he obtained the support of MiBAC (Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities) and SIAE (Society of Authors and Publishers) in the frame of Sillumina to write, direct, and edit the short film Oltre il fiume, produced by Francesco Bonsembiante for Jolefilm.

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