The Black Sea Film Festival 2018 – Best Actor

An arrogant businessman is stuck in the elevator of his office building for four days. This event will take an unexpected turn and change him forever.







After having directed several Super 8 films in his teenage years, Pascal Stervinou studied cinema in Paris. He then directed half a dozen short films, including Shocker (Grand Prize at Mad Movies Festival), Mosquito (for TV channel Arte), Gouzi Gouzi and Reptil (Grand Prize at Celtic Film & Television Festival, Audience Award at Douarnenez Festival).
Pascal is also a screenwriter, head writer and creator of animated series. He worked for more than forty of them, including Trotro, SamSam, Garage Club, Eliot Kid, Maya the Bee, Dude, That’s My Ghost!, Mini-Loup, Jamie’s Got Tentacles, Zoom the White Dolphin, Zak Storm, Loopdidoo, Arthur and the Invisibles.
He is also a screenwriter for cinema, and has directed numerous commercials and music vidéos.
He is currently developing a series that will mix animation and live footage, All For Nuts, two webseries and his first feature film.



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