North Causacus, 1994.
Hava and Adam live next door and are friends like their parents. The children write letters to each other and pass them hiding them in a tree hollow. They love the tree and confide their secrets to it. They are dreamers living in their fantasy. Aslan, Adam’s farther, runs business in town and comes back to the village one day. Sultan, Hava’s farther, like many other of their neighbours, is happy for his success and celebrates his coming home. Unfortunately not all of the villagers share these feelings…





Hava Mukhiyeva was born on 16.09.1992 in Chechnya, Russia. In 1994, due to the troubled political situation in the country, her family had to leave… At the present moment she is a student of The Gerasimov Russian State University of Cinematography (VGIK) as a film director.




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