STREAM OF DOUBTS – Joseph Catte (France 2016) 9’41”

RELATIVITY EXPLAINED TO CHILDREN – Pierre Gaffié (France, 2014) 10’10”
October 21, 2016
THE GOOD BOY – A. L. Lee ( Usa, 2015) 14’55”
October 21, 2016
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STREAM OF DOUBTS – Joseph Catte (France 2016) 9’41”

Director: Joseph Catte;  Writer: Joseph Catte;  Producer: Joseph Catte




A young woman needs your help to find her life purpose. STREAM OF DOUBTS is a drama short-movie about your place in the cosmos. Sort of.




Joseph Catté is a french director, born in 1991. Concurrently with a career in visual-effects, he creates self-produced short-movies, selected in numerous international festivals. Trying his hand on many genres to constantly push his limits back, he directed a beachmovie, a gory adaptation of a play, a crazy comedy and a fantasy drama. His colorful universes rely on thorough visuals and a non-consensual tone, in order to create a strong reaction in the audience.



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