BERLINALE  Generation Programme – Special Mention


The true story of two children who are sent by the father to collect and fill up the bath with snow during the siege of Sarajevo in the winter of 1994. The pair dodge sniper bullets and mortar bombs to fulfill the father’s wishes.






Christopher Villiers

Christopher is an actor, writer and director with acting screen credits such as ‘Bloody Sunday’, ‘Sliding Doors’, ‘First Knight’, ‘Seven Lucky Gods’ and ‘Top Secret’ to name but a few.
Writing credits include: Two Men Went to War
Directing credits include: Four Tails

Director Statement

Snow for Water is a true story told me by a young woman from Sarajevo, who was a child during the infamous siege – the four years of war saw 1,620 children killed and more than 15,000 injured. This film is not only her story but the story of all children caught up in conflict, where ever they are in the world.




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