Clermont Ferrand International Short Film Festival 2019, Split Film Festival 2019, Festival Internacional de Cine Documental de Buenos Aires 2019, Lille Short Film Festival 2019

The viewer is an observer of one night at one street. He sees only what he can imagine, and he hears what he wants to hear. The distant eye is getting closer and makes the images sharper but the interpretation stays inside the observer’s head. What one makes out of that night is his own story. One can discuss the content accordingly to his own experience, conscious how his point of view shifts due to media manipulation and external factors. The starting point is an image provided by the observing eye. The eye is a guide. The viewer gives the night a meaning.

Magda Jaroszewicz was born in 1986 and raised in Warsaw, Poland. As a teenager, she spent a year in Australia. Back in Europe, she studied script and playwriting in Poland and France, then she graduated from Theater and Performing Arts Studies in Cracow as well as film directing in the National Film School in Lodz. Her short fiction films “The Death of a Czech Dog” (2011) and “Wild Berries” (2016) were screened at various European film festivals.
After finishing film school she moved to Berlin. Recently she researched and co-directed a Polish part of a huge project for ARTE – 24 Hours Europe. She is a Stipendist of ‘Haus am See’ program where she develops her first feature film. Berlinale Talents 2019 alumni (Script Station). She likes to combine both mediums – documentary and fiction – and is interested in identity transitions and what does the past do with the living. She has a dog.

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