SE7EN GREEN BOTTLES – Mike Dow, François Zaïdi (France, 2020) 6’

NAVOZANDE, THE MUSICIAN – Reza Riahi (France, 2021), 15′
June 26, 2022
POLKA-DOT BOY – Sarina Nihei (France, 2021) 7’40”
June 26, 2022
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SE7EN GREEN BOTTLES – Mike Dow, François Zaïdi (France, 2020) 6’

Seven political activists meet in secret online then the doorbell rings.

Transilvania Shorts 2022

Director – François Zaïdi, Mike Dow

François Zaïdi is a director and producer born in Clermont-Ferrand, France, in 1977.
After graduating, he began working professionally in Clermont-Ferrand – as an assistant editor, then as an editor, embracing all the new online editing technologies.
He currently works as a live camera director for TV, sports, concerts and other events, while producing and directing narrative works.

Award-winning writer, director and comedian, Mick Dow was born in Scotland, grew up in Yorkshire and now lives in London. Beginning his career as a street artist in Covent Garden, London, Mick continued to tour the UK and appear regularly on TV, with his own interpretation of the visual comedy “Men in Coats”. Funded by the BBC and WDR, Mick created a live-action TV comedy-drama based on “Men in Coats”.
His latest film, the black comedy “Hope in a Box” has won several awards, including Mark Kermode’s Best of Fest, Isle of Man 2018.

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