EASTER EGGS – Nicolas Keppens (Belgium, 2021) 14’

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June 27, 2022
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June 27, 2022
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EASTER EGGS – Nicolas Keppens (Belgium, 2021) 14’

The Chinese restaurant is empty. The exotic bird’s cage stands wide open. Two friends, Jason and Kevin, see this as an opportunity to catch and sell them. Catching the birds ain’t as simple as it seems.

Best Film – Annecy 2021

Director – Nicolas Keppens

In 2012, Nicolas KEPPENS (1989, Belgium) graduated from the Film & Animation department of School of Arts in Ghent with the short animation film Superstars. He pursued his education in Brussels at the Luca School of Arts film academy. Besides working on his own projects, such as his short animation film Easter Eggs (2020), Keppens works as new-media manager for the Belgian artist Hans Op de Beeck, where he is responsible for the production, animation and editing of several projects.


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