November 23, 2017

THE PASION OF MANKIND – Michael R Duff (Sierra Leone, 2016) 7’54’’

  Key cast: James Hamilton 12 months since the end of the largest Ebola outbreak in history and local heroes that played key roles in bringing […]
October 21, 2016

MON CHERI – Steve Bache (Germany, 2015) 11’03”

Director:  Steve Bache;  Writer: Steve Bache; Producer: Dorit Jeßner; Key Cast: Milijan Chatelain, Dagmar Poppy, Jonna Domrose, Pepe Trebs Björn Hollman     On a hot […]
October 21, 2016

THE LAND OF EXODUS – Skinner Myers (USA, 2016) 10’52”

Director: Skinner Myers; Writer: Skinner Myers; Producer: Skinner Myers;  Key Cast: Rafael Martinez, Alonso Alvarez, Eddie Diaz, Link Ruiz, Moah Pollas     Obed, a Mexican […]
October 21, 2016

GORILLA – Tibo Pinsard (France, 2016) 14’05”

Director: Tibo Pinsard; Writer; Tibo Pinsard; Producer: Tibo Pinsard; Key Cast: Stéphane Coulon, Flore Bonaventura, David Coburn, James Gerard, Nathan Rippy     Hollywood, 1952. Henry […]