As the Amazon burns for the seventeenth day, a nurse in Sao Paulo finds herself drawn to a Neo-Pentecostal church.

Special Distinction – Cannes 2021

Director – Jasmin Tenucci

Jasmin Tenucci is a Brazilian filmmaker, who has written, directed or produced films in Brazil,
Iceland, Pakistan, and the United States. Her most recent short film, AUGUST SKY (2021), is a
Cannes Short Film 2021 Official Selection.
Previously she co-produced and associate directed the short film DARLING (2019) which won the
Best Short Film prize at the 2019 Venice Film Festival In addition, she has directed four episodes
of the Brazilian television series SHOP TUDO (Glaze Entretenimento/Fall 2021). She
co-developed and wrote on Globo’s acclaimed series AS FIVE (2020) and created and served as
showrunner on the GNT dramedy TEMPERO SECRETO (2016). Currently she is writing a
soon-to-be-announced Netflix series that will premiere in January 2022.
Jasmin has a BA in film from São Paulo University and an MFA in writing and directing from
Columbia University Film School. While at Columbia she taught directing to undergraduates and
was one of the founders of a collective with filmmakers from all around the world with whom
she works until this date. Presently, Jasmin is developing for two feature films: AUGUST SKY,
based on her short of the same name; and THE SMALLEST WHALE IN THE WORLD, which won
the 2017 Alfred P. Sloan Development Grant.

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