During a peculiar tour bus to Mekong Delta, 50-year-old Mdm.Tam bumps into her high school sweetheart. She’s hopeful for a chance of reconciliation, but maybe he’s not.

Locarno 2020, Pardi di Domani

Director – Linh Duong

Linh Duong is a Vietnamese filmmaker who is extremely fascinated with sad, angsty and naggy middle-aged women. She has just completed a series of shorts that tackle this topic with a rather quirky sense of humor. Her films have been competing and winning award at various festivals around the world.
Linh previously attended Berlinale Talents in 2020, Asian Film Academy in 2016, Locarno Summer Academy and Bucheon Fantastic Film School in 2015. She is developing her first feature, Don’t cry, butterflies, which recently won Moulin D’andé-CECI Award at Locarno Open Doors 2019.

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